About Us

We started this company because we love our trade!

It is our mission to perform high quality work and to fully satiisfy our customers.

Only because we love what we do we became so successful.



Our company consists of a friendly and highly skilled team of experts. 

We perform our work in the most efficient way using the highest standards and best techniques.

Eben van der Merwe


Eben van der Merwe is the face of Premier Industrial Distributors, and the general "go-to-guy"

 With more than 15 years experience in the trade, he has seen it all.  

Eben has recently stepped out from the Atlas Copco roof, to hold the Atlas Copco umbrella.  He can assist in sales related enquiries, installations, and as qualified technician, he can assist with on the spot maintenance.

Why call in (and pay) for a team of people, if Eben can sort it all out.